The GlobalEyes Network at ST Alphe Secondary Focus – Frankfurt

GlobalEyes CEO Paul Millman and COO Lauren van Tol traveled to Germany to attend ST Alphe Secondary Focus Frankfurt, September 29th – October 1st, 2023. The event presented an opportunity to network with a large group of attendees: sixteen service providers, 170 agents, and 150 educators.

GlobalEyes met with 21 agents from seven different countries, representing our clients from fourteen schools or school districts across Canada. Millman and van Tol also focused on educating agents on both the benefits of GUS and of being part of the GlobalEyes Network.

ST Alphe Secondary Focus Frankfurt was an excellent opportunity to connect with new educators and agents, current GlobalEyes clients, and existing agent partnerships.


Jacob from Momento, Denmark. @momento.danmark

Thomas from Vital English, one of our Marketplace partners


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