The GlobalEyes Team Leads Training Sessions  

June and July have seen the GlobalEyes team leading focused client training sessions with Sacred Heart School of Halifax (Nova Scotia), Rothesay Netherwood School (Rothesay, New Brunswick), and Sussex Christian School (Sussex, New Brunswick). CEO Paul Millman and COO Lauren van Tol toured each school’s beautiful facilities, met with lead teams, and led the development sessions.

One key aspect of the training provided by the team concentrated on a Balanced Recruitment Portfolio. A balanced recruitment portfolio approach involves creating a plan that does not focus on overall numbers as the main driving force for growth. While picking the “low hanging fruit” is important for initial growth planning in the international sector, it is critical to think beyond that from the start of one’s development in the field. Being too reliant on one or two markets makes schools very vulnerable to changes in source countries which can negatively impact schools and communities in the long run.

Diving into GlobalEyes training with these schools gave Paul and Lauren the opportunity to get to know each campus, its unique characteristics and offerings, and the teams who lead them.  Paul shared, “We always enjoy this initial intensive training session as it both gives us greater insight into new clients, but it also allows us to focus on their enrollment dreams for the future.”

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